Vinyl Flooring for Hospitals Cheshire

Winton Flooring LTD

Over the last 25 years Winton Flooring Ltd have provided vinyl flooring for hospitals in Cheshire, and ahve also been awarded some major hospital projects, enjoying a close working relationship with the NHS.

Recent projects have included new wards at Queens Park Hospital, Blackburn, a new MRI scanner unit at BUPA, Whalley Range and laboratories at Liverpool University Hospital.

We have the ability to fit vinyl to floors, walls, ceilings and we regularly undertake such installations in clean room environments.

Our standard of workmanship is well known to be of the highest quality. This level of quality is essential in providing a clean and sterile environment. Within the North West we work directly for Manchester and Stockport Primary Care Trusts.

We have on going contracts which involve full upgrades of flooring within health centres.

We are currently involved with the ward refurbishments at Classic Lourdes Hospital in Liverpool. Currently we have a reactive maintenance contract with Bolton Salford and Trafford Mental Health

Winton Flooring LTD Winton Flooring LTD Winton Flooring LTD

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